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Don’t Miss Our Top 4 Recommendations for CBD Books!

There is much to learn about Recommendations for CBD Books, but it can be difficult to locate accurate information. This isn’t necessarily the fault of a specific author or website, though. The CBD market has been developing at breakneck speed over the past few years, and it has been challenging to keep up with all the pertinent developments and product innovations.

But, information is power, thus we present to you today four of the top CBD books available. These books were written by well-known authors, and each one is supported by a ton of research. Look at this.

Our Picks for the Best Books on Cannabidiol

We only endorse Recommendations for CBD Books are written by reputable authors who have verified all of their assertions. We hope that our hand-picked collection makes this clear.

  • A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, CBD

by Michael H. Moskowitz, Juliana Birnbaum, and Leonard LeinowThis book, released in October 2017, is a shining illustration of what happens when you find scientists who can write or writers who are knowledgeable about research. This is a great resource for individuals who are new to CBD as well as those who have some background knowledge. The effects of THC and CBD on the body are succinctly described in A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, which adheres to research without being stuffy or academic.

by Michael H. Moskowitz, Juliana Birnbaum, and Leonard Leinow

Significant portions consist of:

Biological and chemical aspects of cannabinoids in humans, particularly CBD
dosage recommendations and details on the various methods of intake
How CBD works and specifics on how to use it to meet your individual needs
How to administer CBD to animals

The writers reference about 500 works in total. This book’s information is of such high caliber that it can be found on almost every list of the top Recommendations for CBD Books online. The major drawback is that it was released in 2017, and a lot has changed in the market since then.

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  • ┬áThe Hemp Miracle: How One Species is Healing the World and Its People

From Carol Merlo

The Hemp Miracle, which was released in March 2019, is shorter to read than A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis. You can finish it in a couple of days because it is only 135 pages long (with references). Even so, this “CBD novella” crams a lot of information in.

The Hemp Miracle, marketed as a practical manual for comprehending industrial hemp and cannabidiol, offers the following details in its ten chapters:

A description of hemp and its past
How cannabinoids function in the human body
What makes hemp a “superfood”
How to use CBD oil as a dietary supplement, what to look for in a CBD product, and how it works
information about the impact of hemp on the world
Merlo does a good job of condensing complex topics into a small book. The Hemp Miracle provides information for everyone, regardless of your level of endocannabinoid system knowledge or interest in learning more about CBD’s effects.

But, if you are already knowledgeable about hemp and Recommendations for CBD Books, you might not learn much new from this article. Merlo, though, offers a wealth of knowledge for newbies. And if you are unsure about the benefits of hemp extract, this book can convince you otherwise.

  • CBD: Important Information (2nd Edition)

By Dr. Gregory L. Smith

Dr. Gregory Smith followed up his well-read book Medicinal Cannabis in 2016 with CBD: What You Need to Know, which was published in September 2017. Smith concentrates on describing the effects of CBD on the human body in this 200+ page book. He starts by talking about the effectiveness of cannabidiol, going through its background, and writing about whether it is safe to take. The 18 further chapters cover CBD’s numerous physiological effects and interactions.

Smith briefly discusses CBD dose and safety in the last chapter. Overall, if you want to find out more about using Recommendations for CBD Books regularly, this is a great alternative. Smith gives illustrations and practical explanations of how cannabis interacts with the body throughout the text, as well as a few anecdotes from his own experience.

(Smith later issued a second edition of his book on February 19, 2020, bringing it back into print).

  • How to Make Edibles, Bath Bombs, Salves, and Massage Oils Infused with Cannabis Using CBD Every Day

by Stacey Kerr and Sandra Hinchcliffe

Sandra Hinchcliffe is a “home herbalist” who is emerging as a leading authority on cooking. Her most recent publication, CBD Every Day, came out in March 2019. This book is what you’ve been seeking if you want to consume CBD in food or beverage form!

Hinchcliffe offers readers 60 dishes that are all allergy- and preservative-free. She describes how to select strains with high levels of Recommendations for CBD Books and less THC, as well as how to make CBD flower, oil, and resin. The 176-page material is also easily divided into the following chapters by the author:

A quick dosage instruction, description of CBD, and comparison of CBD to THC
An explanation of how to extract CBD and CBDA plus a few recipes
a guide on how to formulate particular topicals and balms
Vital tinctures and several recipes for CBD smoothies
Cannabidiol recipes for savory dishes

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