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How to Cover Up the Tastes of CBD Oil

Most newbies are unaware of how much hemp CBD extract tastes like other cannabis strains. If you were to compare the flavor of a high-THC marijuana oil extract to that of a hemp-derived CBD oil extract, for example, you would find that they taste extremely similar.

What is the Flavor of CBD Oil

All cannabis strains contain terpenes, which are organic substances. Terpenes, which are cannabinoids like THC and CBD, have a very unique flavor and aroma profile. In actuality, terpenes are what give hemp and cannabis their instantly recognizable flavor.

You cannot avoid that earthy, musky, bitter flavor if you’re utilizing a full-spectrum hemp extract. Unless you choose flavored CBD oil, that is. It is possible to find full-spectrum CBD in a number of tastes, which will undoubtedly aid in masking the naturally earthy profile.

Another thing to keep in mind is that CBD capsules have almost no flavor at all. This is due to the fact that the CBD is enclosed in a soft gel coating; nothing actually contacts your tongue’s taste buds when you swallow it. For people who might find the taste and texture of oil intolerable, capsules are a good alternative.

What Motivates You to Place CBD Oil Under Your Tongue

Simply said, absolutely. Blood vessels are far more common under the tongue than in other parts of your mouth. Cannabidiol enters into the bloodstream when you leave the CBD oil on the skin for 30 or 60 seconds (or longer).

Blood vessels are far more common under the tongue than in other parts of your mouth. Cannabidiol enters into the bloodstream when you leave the CBD oil on the skin for 30 or 60 seconds (or longer). Sublingual administration is the technical term for this.

How to Cover Up CBD Oil’s Taste

There are various things you can do to help deal with the earthy taste of hemp, other than just purchasing flavored CBD oil.

Here are a few of our go-to tips for masking the flavor of CBD oil:

Consume something sweet before taking your oil

Eating something sweet with CBD oil is a pretty easy way to get rid of the flavor. For instance, you may consume some honey at the same time as applying the drops under your tongue. Even better, you can sip on some juice or soda and keep it in your mouth as the CBD is absorbed sublingually.

Of course, the issue with this is that you’re diluting the active ingredient in the CBD oil, which means your body will likely receive less of it. The same quantity of CBD oil will eventually reach your system, but it won’t do so at the same moment because some of it will enter your digestive system.

Try a CBD gummy for one solution to this (and to help mask the taste at the same time). There are numerous varieties of CBD candies, some of which have very incredible flavors. The majority are sweet and pleasant, and in addition to your sublingual ingestion, they will provide an additional burst of CBD.

Substitute CBD pills for CBD oil

A surefire approach to hide the flavor of full-spectrum hemp extract is to take CBD capsules (not to be mistaken with CBD isolate). You can take CBD in capsule form, which is handy and tastes like nothing at all. They also enable you to stay away from any unfavorable flavors of the oil.

Unfortunately, capsules aren’t a possibility for everyone. This alternative isn’t suitable for everyone, whether it’s because they find it physically difficult to take tablets for some reason or simply struggle with capsules in general.

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Just before, brushing your teeth

Try to recall a moment when you consumed orange juice or any other citrus fruit right after cleaning your teeth in order to fully comprehend this one. It was probably the most terrible flavor you’ve ever encountered.

With CBD oil, this is also possible. Just wash your teeth right before, and then dab some CBD oil under your tongue. Even though it will still taste bitter, you won’t be as aware of it as you would have been had you consumed it normally.

You lose almost half of your taste sense when you block your sense of smell. This can make swallowing substances with an “unpleasant” taste, such as raw CBD oils, much simpler.


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