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How to Get Your Dog to Take CBD

While most of the research is anecdotal, feeding dogs CBD may benefit their overall health and well-being. Once you’ve determined that CBD could be a beneficial addition to your dog’s daily health regimen, you must consider how you’ll administer the cannabinoid. CBD for pets comes in a variety of forms, but persuading them to take it can be not easy. Most dogs will not simply open their jaws and provide a few drops of CBD oil.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

The first question pet owners have is, “Is CBD safe for dogs?” Even though CBD is not FDA-authorized for humans or dogs, the World Health Organization (WHO) considers the cannabinoid to be safe. CBD appears to be safe and well-tolerated by animals in its pure form, according to a 2017 WHO assessment.

However, it is critical to evaluate the dose. CBD products for dogs should be of the same high quality as CBD products for humans. The CBD content is what makes the difference.

Higher doses, on the other hand, may induce adverse responses, particularly in smaller dogs or cats. As a result, it’s critical to avoid giving your pet too much CBD.

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How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

When it comes to delivering CBD to your dog, you’ll want to discover a way that works for both of you. There are numerous pet CBD products on the market, each with a distinct usage and function.

Here are the most popular methods for giving CBD to your pet.

  • CBD Oil: Oral Administration

Dog CBD oil is popular among pet parents because it is simple to use. You may simply drip a pre-measured dose of pet CBD tincture directly into your dog’s mouth with the included dropper.

Many companies produce flavored pet CBD oil, such as bacon and salmon, to make the tincture more appealing to our canine companions.

One of the most significant advantages of CBD oil is that you have a lot of control over how much CBD you feed your dog. You can change the dosage (up or down) as needed. Just make sure you get the right strength.

Strengths for dogs typically range from 150mg to 1,000mg, with lower doses suited for small dogs and greater amounts suitable for larger dogs. However, each scenario is unique. For example, you might give your medium-sized dog a strength designed for smaller dogs because you want to give it to him several times during the day.

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  • Mix CBD Oil with Pet Food

To make your own CBD dog food, simply drop the pre-measured amount of oil into their dinner. Make sure to combine everything and let it soak for a few minutes.

CBD oil can also be mixed with a variety of other foods and “treats.” Peanut butter is useful since it contains oil and mixes well with tinctures.

  • CBD Chews and Treats

This is perhaps the simplest approach to providing CBD to dogs because what pet doesn’t enjoy a tasty treat? Furthermore, each treat has a specific amount of CBD – no measuring required, and you know exactly what dosage you’re delivering. The disadvantage is that the dosage is difficult to alter.

The greatest CBD edibles are natural and healthy while also being quite yummy. They’re usually available in delectable tastes like peanut butter and chicken. Furthermore, each treat contains anywhere from 2mg to 10mg – and possibly more potent options as well.

Some brands sell soft chews if you’re seeking for CBD candy for dogs. These have a soft and chewy feel and are ideal for aged or small dogs who have difficulty chewing traditional treats. They also frequently come in a variety of tastes.

  • Pet CBD Topical Products

Finally, CBD can be applied straight to the skin of your pet. This includes canine shampoos, CBD sprays, and CBD balms. These products are intended to treat certain difficulties. A CBD shampoo, for example, may aid with itching, whereas a CBD balm can be used to ease local aches and pains.

Dosage Guidelines: How Much CBD to Give a Dog

As previously stated, it is critical to verify that you are feeding your dog the appropriate dose of CBD. Many CBD manufacturers include a dosage advice guide on their website that clients can use as a reference.

When it comes to CBD dosing for dogs, it’s ideal to start with a tiny amount and gradually increase it as needed. The most significant factors to consider are the size and weight of your dog. Larger canines, of course, will require higher CBD doses.

Other things to think about are digestion and what your dog ate during the day.CBD dog dose is typically 1-3mg of CBD per 10 lbs of body weight. For example, a 20-pound dog can begin with 2 milligrams of CBD and gradually increase to 6mg as needed.

Every dog, however, is unique. As a result, finding the right dosage for your pet may need some trial and error.

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