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Is THC Harmful to Pets?

Your priority as a caring pet parent is to keep your pets safe. You may have heard that CBD products can be harmful to your dogs. In truth, it’s the THC, not the CBD.

So, what if your pet eats your CBD gummies containing THC? Or does he nibble on a marijuana bud? Or does your pal find it amusing to blow marijuana smoke into your dog’s face? Worse, what if your pet consumes a marijuana brownie? Then there’s the THC and chocolate poisoning.

Today, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • Is THC dangerous to pets? Is it poisonous? – YES!
  • Is THC making your pet high? – YES! And not in the “nice way” that some people enjoy. It can be quite harmful to them, causing severe hypotension, vomiting, confusion, and even coma.

We’ll also respond to:

  • What exactly is marijuana toxicity in pets?
  • What to do if your pet consumes THC-containing products.

THC and Your Pet

The two most frequent cannabinoids derived from the Cannabis sativa plant are CBD and THC. While CBD may have some health benefits for your pets, THC may be hazardous if they inhale or ingest it.

THC Toxicity for Pets

Why is THC bad for pets? This is because their bodies respond differently to THC poisoning than humans, for reasons we don’t fully understand.

THC is a known poison to dogs and has major health repercussions for cats because of this risk. There is no safe quantity of THC for your pets to eat, so never give your pets a CBD product branded “full spectrum” or with THC included anywhere in the ingredients.

How Pets Get Exposed to THC

THC can be found in a variety of products. Your pet could be exposed in a variety of ways, either intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Cats may chew on marijuana or hemp plant buds, leaves, stems, or flowers. Place these items in an area where your cat cannot reach them.
  • People occasionally believe it’s “funny” to blow marijuana smoke toward their pets, but this is a dangerous, even criminal, activity that isn’t humorous at all. Please, never, ever do this.
  • Pets may lick or eat THC-infused cooking goods like oils or butter.
  • Some individuals believe that because catnip and THC have the same effects on cats, THC must be safe. This is a fallacy, a falsehood, and all cat parents should be aware that THC (derived from cannabis) and catnip (derived from the mint family) are two distinct plants.

Marijuana and Your Pet

Smoking with your pets in the room, car, or elsewhere may expose them to second-hand marijuana smoke. Marijuana, even in smoke, is not safe for your pets in any form. If you’ve never heard of marijuana toxicosis, educate yourself and anyone else you observe exposing their dogs to THC poisoning. Here’s how THC and marijuana affect our pets.

Is ANY Kind of Cannabis OK for Your Pet?

It’s difficult as a pet parent to combine the want to help your pet with the concern that pills, supplements, or treatments may hurt them if not administered correctly. You want nothing more than to make your pet feel better, relieve their discomfort, and improve the quality of their life. After all, they are your responsibility, and for many individuals, they are family members.

Health Benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD for Your Pets

You consult your veterinarian, you Google everything, and you pay close attention to your pet. What may they require? Is there anything you can do to help?

CBD is most likely already on your radar as a viable option. Mammals, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system, which is why CBD appears to benefit them with things like comfort, quiet, and sleep. If you’re thinking about giving CBD to your pets:

  • Make contact with your veterinarian. Examine your pet’s condition and treatment choices.
  • Find out more about CBD. There is a lot of contradictory information available. Paw CBD (the CBD pet brand) is an excellent place to begin learning about what CBD can do for your pet. Their writers are knowledgeable and will keep you informed.
  • Every pet is unique, and it may take a month, or even two months, to find the correct serving sizes and products for your pet depending on need, weight, and metabolism.

Our CBD Products for Dogs and Cats

To develop safe and effective CBD products for pets, we must conduct rigorous product testing to verify that there are no significant THC residuals that could harm your pet. We take this obligation extremely seriously, and you should as well when choosing CBD products for your pet.

Choose a reliable provider to provide CBD products for your pets, such as CBD (and their pet brand Paw CBD). Do not buy in a flea market, petrol station, or similar location.

  • Each batch of CBD products is thoroughly tested in state-of-the-art, third-party, ISO-certified laboratories.
  • Our pet CBD products are made to the same high standards as our human CBD products:
  • GMP-certified, vegan, gluten-free, and THC-free. (The asterisk indicates that THC-free is defined as being below the level of detection using validated scientific procedures.)
  • If a product is intended for pets, it is prominently labeled. There’s even a paw design on the package.

We strongly advise against storing your pet’s CBD oils in the same location as your human CBD oils to avoid accidentally mixing them.


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